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Viviana Franco, Founder & Owner

With more than 25 years of experience as a bacteriologist, graduated from the Javeriana University of Colombia, Viviana Franco managed to fulfill one of her big dreams when she arrived in the United States 16 years ago: continuing to exercise her professional career which she is deeply passionate about.


After studying all the options, Viviana was able to open her first microbiology center with great enthusiasm, providing the Latino community with an excellent platform with top-quality services.  For 2 years, Viviana was able to perfect her use of Platelet Rich Plasma.

VV Esthetics Med Spa is a Med Spa located in Houston, TX, and has been servicing Houston and the surrounding areas for many years. We specialize in vampire facial, laser treatment, acne treatments, hair grow, wrinkle reduction, injected fillers, body sculpting, skincare services, and more. Here at VV Esthetics Med Spa, our mission is always to provide quality service at an affordable price. The success of our company is due to the dedication we provide to our customers. Let our experienced masseuses help you relax in a comforting and luxurious environment! Call us today for an appointment!

As an independent businesswoman, led her to rethink many things, including what to do with all the passion she felt for her career, thus adding her great professional experience, and as in any case of success, this challenge became the great opportunity she was waiting to discover and develop the maximum other talents that she didn't even know existed, this time in the part of aesthetic medicine. "Get the juice of the blood," a great friend had told her in the middle of a jocular tone and it was. Viviana started with aesthetic medicine.


"The first thing I started doing was the Platelet-rich plasma, I obviously knew all about blood management, and being able to apply it for facial rejuvenation was simply fascinating,"


It was in this way that VV Med Esthetics was born, a medical spa specialized in skincare and body shaping.

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